Alicante guided tour: What to do and visit

Have you ever been to Alicante? What do you know about this mediterranean city? This may be your first contact with Alicante. Let me introduce you to the essential sights you must visit with this short Alicante guided tour:

After that, what to do in Alicante looks a bit clearer, however, here you have a Alicante guided tour throughtout the main attractions:

Sun, beach & food

Alicante is practically the whole year a city of sun and delicious food. What you always can do in this city is relaxing in the beach, eating heathly food as the famous paella and also walking around the market, museums and several shops. Bars and pubs are also an attraction in Alicante.

Beach in Alicante

Santa Barbara´s Castell

This castell was named Historic heritage in 1961. It is 200m tall where you can enjoy an amazing views from it. Also, you can find several exhibitions inside it that you can visit with your family as well.

Viewing from the Santa Barbara´s castell

Opening Hours

  • Winter (1 October to 31 March): 10:00 to 20: 00h. Every day.
  • April, May, June and September from 10:00 to 22: 00h. Every day.
  • July and August from 10:00 to 24:00 hours


hogueras alicante
Hogueras in Alicante in June

Espacially relevante are the hogueras in Alicante. If you would like to see something you have never seen, you must not miss the hogueras in Alicante. A 20 metres paper and cardboard construction build on the 20th of June every year that comes into ashes on the 24th of June in the Saint John´s night (the shortest night of the year celebrated with bonfires).  A very worthy show.

Hogueras in Alicante: from 20 to 24 of June

What to do in Alicante Guided Tour: a beautiful walking tour


Here you have an idea of the city you can fall in love with if you have a good guide as we are 😉 We will show you the best places to visit, great things to do and amazing restaurants to have a bite. Coming with us? Next posts related to each singular spot such us: the Explanada, the City Hall, Central Market, Luceros square, Gabriel Miró square and museums as MUBAG, Mark, MACA and ninots museum of hogueras.

In addition:

Map of Alicante

El Altet airport

Alicante city experience